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Why Indulgence is So Important in Your Life

The Importance of Indulgence

What does indulgence even mean? And why do we feel so guilty when we give in to it? The answer is probably different for each one of us, depending on how we define ‘normal’ behaviour. But generally, indulgence is a bad thing right?

Not if you ask us. We believe that it’s important to own your indulgences. Far from putting them in a locked box and throwing away the key, we think the best way to live your life is to take some time to truly indulge.

If you’re still unsure, we’ve created this post to explain some of the wonderful benefits of indulgence and why you should make some room for it in your life – starting from now!

Defining indulgence


For most people, indulging is a kind of satisfying freedom from the normal expectations and restrictions that we place on ourselves. As you might guess, this could be anything from what we wear to what we eat – even how we behave in certain work, social or family environments.

Whenever we feel expected to act, think or feel a certain way, an unavoidable pressure starts to build that can be damaging and unhealthy.

Indulgence is essentially a process of momentary unshackling from the restrictions we place on ourselves – allowing us to do something we know we probably shouldn’t.

Indulge in flavour


As a society, we are becoming more and more concerned with our diets. While the increase of healthy food regimes and fitness trends is truly a good thing, there’s a lot of heavy baggage that comes with trying to maintain a certain standard.

It’s an obvious statement – but humans love tasty food. In fact, we need it. We crave it after a long day at work, on the weekends with family, while we’re coming home from the gym… in short, there isn’t a single occasion where we as humans don’t want something tasty.

There might be times when we’re simply not hungry. But in general, if we’re eating, what’s the point in choosing something plain?

The problem is that the best tasting foods are often the worst for our bodies. We’re talking fats, fried foods, sugary desserts, sweets, crisps etc. etc. There’s no end to the list of foods that are both delicious and unhealthy.

With this knowledge, some people try to remove all unhealthy meals, snacks and drinks from their diet. While this is great in theory, what often happens is cravings kick in – amplifying the desire for flavour and often breaking our resolve resulting in an almighty binge.

This binge phase is the reason that indulgence is so important. By introducing a much needed snack earlier in your day, sprinkling in some casual indulgences over the week and generally not killing yourself when it comes to sticking to your diet, you’ll be able to avoid the vicious cycle of restriction and binging that so many of us fall into the trap of.


Creating balance


What this all comes down to is balance. While we promote indulgence, we obviously understand that too much of any one thing will have a negative effect on your life.

Indulgence should be a way for you to enjoy the things in life you really love and not feel guilty about it. If you’re able to allocate a specific time for treats and rewards, you will be much less likely to over-consume whatever particular thing you’re trying to avoid in the long term – whether it’s chocolate or sparkling wine.


A helping hand



At Silvina’s Nature, we wanted to craft a healthy treat you could enjoy without overloading your indulgence allowance. We don’t believe in ignoring your cravings and wanted to offer something as guilt-free and healthy as possible – that still tops the flavour scale.

Our philosophy is that dieting and living a healthy and balanced life shouldn’t be a nightmare! And we never compromise on flavour. With our meringue Crowns, we believe we have the perfect low sugar, high fibre treat that anyone can enjoy without all the added worry and concern that comes with satisfying your hunger.


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