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4 Top Tips to Stick to Your Health Goals this Christmas

Christmas is probably the hardest time of the year to stick to healthy snacks and avoid temptation. Mince pies, turkey, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding – the list of irresistible food goes on forever. How is a health-conscious individual ever supposed to keep on track with all this temptation?

If you’re going to stick to your healthy regime this Christmas, you need a plan. So here are some of our tips for how you can make the most of Christmas this year without packing on the pounds.

1. Allow yourself to indulge

The problem with diet plans is they spend too much time focusing on all the things you can’t have. When you confine yourself to meal planning, strict calorie counting, and off-limits food types – it’s inevitable that you’ll slip up eventually.

Once you’ve broken the diet, it’s all downhill from there. If you’ve broken the rules anyway, what difference does an extra slice of cake make, anyway? So why not just let yourself have a little Christmas cake to start with, rather than binging multiple slices and feeling awful about it afterwards?

2. Try healthy alternatives

Why not try looking for healthy alternatives for the foods you love this Christmas? Instead of feeling bad for eating the fatty, sweet foods – why not look out for natural, low sugar alternatives? If you’re going to binge, then binge on the healthy stuff and save yourself a whole load of guilt (and stomach ache!).

3. Take Christmas off

Have you considered taking a day or two’s break from your diet? Whilst we wouldn’t usually advise breaking your diet – we think in this occasion, knowing that you can indulge a little bit on Christmas Day will help you keep to your diet through the rest of December. One or two days of indulgence and a healthy 29 or 30 is a lot better than breaking your diet throughout December!

4. Try healthy snacks like Christmas Crowns!

Finally, if you’re hoping to do a little bit of indulging this Christmas, then save the Christmas pudding and mince pies for Christmas Day itself and find some healthy snacks you can enjoy for the rest of the month.

Just in time for December’s pre-Christmas excitement, we’ve launched our exciting, limited edition Christmas Crowns – to give you just that. They’re a healthy, indulgent Christmas treat: gluten-free, high in fibre and protein, and so low in calories that you won’t need to stop yourself eating more and more.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of pre-Christmas indulgence yourself, or the perfect gift for that health-conscious friend, Christmas Crowns are the perfect festive diet pick.

Have a happy, healthy Christmas with Christmas Crowns!

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