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Top 3 Afternoon Tea Spots in London

london afternoon tea

The creator of afternoon tea, Anna the Duchess of Bedford, is a woman after our own hearts. She came up with afternoon tea back in the 1800s, when it was apparently customary to only eat two meals a day.
Anna claimed she was constantly weakened and frustrated by mid-day hunger pangs with no healthy treats in site. Her solution? Anna scheduled afternoon catch-up sessions with the ladies, where she enjoyed biscuits, cakes and sandwiches at her leisure.

Nowadays, we can thankfully eat as often as we please! But the tradition has stuck and the best afternoon tea is a hotly debated topic. So we’re weighing in. Read on for our top three afternoon tea spots in London.
Of course, if you don’t fancy heading out, you can always top-up your own afternoon tea at home with a selection of delicious meringue Crowns!

Fortnum & Mason: Best for tea

If you’re interested in the “tea” aspect of afternoon tea, then Fortnum and Mason is the place to go. You can enjoy a private tea-tasting session for an extra £10 while listening to live piano music in a truly indulgent London experience. Here, you’ll learn how to steep, smell, and sip tea, while exploring an incredible range of rare and popular blends.

Once you’re finished drinking tea, you’ll receive a collection of the highest-quality finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, and cheeses – all on an unlimited platter, so you can eat as much as you like (within reason)!

Brown’s Hotel: Best for healthy treats

If you’re looking for a little indulgence, but you don’t want to give up altogether on your goal to stick to healthy treats, then the Brown’s Hotel is the place for you. Apparently, this is where Queen Victoria used to take her tea too, so you’re sure to get the royal British experience.

Just like Silvina’s Nature Crowns, the selection of treats on offer at Brown’s delivers a treat for the taste buds, without compromising on health and nutrition. From creamy avocado hummus to fresh fruit and pistachio brownies, you’re sure to find something you’ll love!

Claridge’s: Best for tradition

Finally, if you want to immerse yourself in the history and luxury of the British capital, then there are few places better to enjoy afternoon tea than in Claridge’s. This notable tourist destination and local hotspot has been serving tea to customers for more than 150 years now – so you can rest assured that they know how to deliver a great afternoon tea experience.

From freshly-baked scones to indulgent clotted cream and home-made jams, this is less about healthy treats and more about serious indulgence! You’ll get everything you need for an unbeatable British experience at Claridge’s, as well as a delightful environment to enjoy it in. What more could you ask for?


Where’s your favourite spot for afternoon tea? Let us know on Instagram and give us a follow for some afternoon tea inspiration of our own with Crowns!

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