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The Top 6 Healthy Eating Spots to Try in London

These days, London is quickly turning into a healthy eating paradise. As more food-lovers continue to demand vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free meals, chefs in the capital have been forced to re-think their dishes in beautifully creative ways.

Here at Silvana’s Nature, we’re all about finding the perfect balance between healthy snacks, and luxurious food. To help you find venues that will make your mouth water, without disrupting your diet, we thought we’d list a few of our favourite eateries in London. Bon Appetit!

1.     Ethos

This self-service veggie buffet is a vegan dream-come-true. Whether you’re looking for a mouth-watering breakfast or a delightful dinner, Ethos has everything you could want – available on a pay-by-weight basis. In other words, you pay for the amount of food you eat.

Start the day with a protein pot, then invite pals for a lunch of roasted aubergine or superfood salads. You can even finish up with a healthy black-bean brownie.

2.     Apres Food Co.

This hub of healthy treats has a motto we can get behind. Apres encourages diners to “make friends with their food“, and that’s certainly easy to do when you’re surrounded by luxury and comfort. The restaurant itself has a cosy and friendly vibe, and everything on the menu is nutritionally balanced, from the sweet potato hash to the coconut sugar cakes. Organic wines are available too if you feel like dinner and a drink.

3.     Copita

This highly-popular Soho hangout is ideal for those in search of healthy treats. Though the menu changes daily, there’s always a gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dish on offer, so you can rest assured that there’ll be something to suit your tastes. Recent additions to the roster include things like a white asparagus and kale salad with hazelnuts and tomato honey. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it…

4.     Farmstand

London’s Farmstand café and restaurant is all about making the most of the fresh produce of the season. It offers plenty of gluten-free healthy snacks without asking people to count calories – so it’s great when you’re trying to eat healthy without restriction. All of the food here is sustainable and GM-free, and takeaway is available if you’re in a rush. Colourful salad trays are some of the biggest-sellers for the brand. The atmosphere of the café itself is so relaxing that we could personally stay there for hours.

5.     Foodilic

Foodilic is the brainchild of Yugoslav food mastermind Peter Ilic. This health-promoting café started out in Brighton and made its way all the way over to Kings Cross in London. There is a range of raw cakes and salads to choose from, with vegan and veggie options galore. Not only are there plenty of healthy snacks to choose from here, but the rustic atmosphere is sure to blow you away, with beautiful tables created out of tree trunks.

6.     The Gate

Finally, The Gate delivers the tastes of the globe to London visitors. This incredible vegan restaurant promises gourmet dining from breakfast to dinner – and it definitely delivers. You can expect to find a delightfully seasonal menu, packed full of colourful vegetables and vibrant flavours, including tofu tikka masalas and black-bean tortillas. Keep an eye out for the “health and wellness” specials too – menu items specifically designed to make you feel as good as new.

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