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Silvina’s Nature: On the Road Again in Wholefoods!

Have you ever had a craving for something sweet, indulgent and delightfully guilt-free? When you’re hungry for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, you don’t always have the self-control required to wait for a package to arrive on your doorstep.

Here at Silvina’s Nature, we know how hard it can be to ignore your yearning, which is why we strive for ultra-fast delivery when you order Crowns direct from us online. However, if you want your fix of fabulous meringue crowns right now, we’ve got some great news to share with you!

Silvina’s Nature Crowns are now available in Wholefoods stores across London! That means your healthy snacks are just a stone’s throw away! Simply track down the closest store to you online, and you can be enjoying your incredible meringue cookies in no time!

Kick the cravings and enjoy a guilt-free taste

There’s nothing worse than running out of your favourite flavour of Crowns, particularly when you get that hankering for something sweet. Because we want to make sure that you maintain the healthy balance you’ve worked so hard to achieve, Silvina’s Nature is doing everything we can to be close to you, when you need us most.

Rather than settling for unhealthy snacks that leave you feeling bloated, sickly, and guilty at the end of a binge session, come along to your local Wholefoods store and give Crowns a try instead! We can help you to find the perfect light treat for you, with plenty of mouth-watering flavours to choose from. Once you’ve finished your first box, you can always try a new flavour online or pop back to stock up on some guilt-free treats.

At Silvina’s Nature, we don’t believe in ignoring your cravings. When you’re hungry for something sweet and delicious, you should be able to scratch that itch with something that’s flavourful, decadent, and healthy too! Dieting shouldn’t have to be a nightmare – and with Crowns now available on a high street near you, it should be easier than ever.

Come and say hi! We’d love to meet you

We’re pretty proud of what we do here at Silvina’s Nature. We’re not just another dieting fad, but a confectionery company dedicated to making balanced a more delicious experience for everyone! For us, everything comes down to supporting happy, healthy people. We just love seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces when they try a bite of Silvina’s Nature Crowns for the very first time.

Our stands in Wholefoods stores are a great opportunity for us to get to know you, our amazing customers, a little better. Come on down, try out some of our new flavours, and find out more about the people behind the brand. We can’t wait to meet you!


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