Silvina’s Ingredients: Only the Best British Chocolate

dark chocolate

At Silvina’s Nature, we created Crowns as a way to bring balance back to food and we love what we do. Every delightful Crown, whether it’s chocolate brownie flavour, or lemon meringue, is handmade right here in London, using the best all-natural ingredients.

We want to make sure that Silvina’s Nature Crowns are giving you the ultimate sweet treat. So we take great care and time to find the very best quality ingredients. This week, we want to tell you a bit more about the British chocolate we drizzle over our meringue cookies as the finishing touch.

All-natural healthy treats

To make our gluten free sweets, we use free-range egg whites and a little raw sugar, to create a mouth-wateringly light meringue. Then, to give you those delightful chocolatey notes, we drizzle our meringue cookies with chocolate, sourced from British brand Montezuma’s.

We use quality British chocolate for our healthy snacks because we believe that balanced eating shouldn’t mean compromising on flavour or the quality of ingredients. Just like us, Montezuma started small, and grew to innovate and improve the British market. Since the company shares our approach to quality, luxury treats, we felt it was the perfect fit for our range of chocolate flavours.

An ethical taste of luxury

Along with our all-natural flavours and healthy approach to sweet treats, our team stays true to our ethical values with each batch of meringue cookies we make. We’re happy to be one of the only London-based healthy snacks companies that can really say we put quality and taste above everything else.

Wherever possible, we use ingredients from companies committed to trading fairly and using organic practices. So our meringue Crowns won’t just make your stomach feel lighter, but they’ll take a load off your mind too. Great snacks come from a consistent devotion to incredible ingredients, passionate baking, and a sense of integrity.

When we began, we focused on finding a unique way of sharing the benefits of a balanced lifestyle with the world. We’ve always been dedicated to flavour and luxury in creating treats that won’t expand your waistline.

We’ve held true to those values with every ingredient we’ve sourced, from our small batches of unrefined organic sugar, to our free-range eggs and of course, the best British chocolate we can find.

Here at Silvina’s Nature, we’ve pulled out all the stops to make the most ethical and healthy of meringues using the best quality ingredients.

If you share our ideals, why not give Crowns a try?

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