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Silvina’s guide for packing a healthy picnic

Silvina's guide to a halthy picnic

This summer, Brits are looking for any excuse to grab their meals and take them outside to be enjoyed in the sunny weather. Here are some useful tips for packing a healthy meal for your picnics.

Embrace the Art of Swapping


There is no need to remove your favourite picnic classics without replacing them with a delicious and healthy alternative. For instance, when you’re looking for something substantial to replace your pork pies or sausage rolls with, throw in some falafel or halloumi. Both are perfect in a wrap or sandwich to be enjoyed with some hummus!


Another great swap opportunity is your dessert’s section. There’s no need to completely remove the sweets from your picnic spread – after all, what is a picnic without a few treats to finish with? Try picking up a box of Silvina’s meringue Crowns, a low fat rice pudding or a bowl of tropical fruits to be enjoyed with yoghurt if you want a guilt free dessert that doesn’t compromise on taste.


Superior salads


Eating your daily salad may be one of the healthiest habits you can adopt, but many of us see this as a chore, or at least a side note to our main courses. Why not make it the highlight of your meal (and day!). Try putting in just 10% more energy and thought into creating a killer salad and you’ll be surprised what you can create.


So long soda!


Just say no to soda. It’s easy and moreish, but you just don’t need it with your healthy picnic spread this summer. If you’re still chasing that sugary flavour, try mixing some carbonated water with a 100% fresh juice of your choosing. According to studies, sparkling water is not associated with low mineral bone density like soda is can be just as tasty.


Trade your toppings


Did you know eating one teaspoon of ketchup is equivalent to eating a packet of sugar?
Or that using Mayonnaise is one of the easiest ways to overstep your calorie and fat intake levels? There’s no need to turn into the condiment police, as anything in moderation is okay, but consider making your own homemade topping alternatives this year.


For a healthy hummus option mix: lemon, olive oil, tahini, salt & pepper, cumin and paprika into your bowl of chickpeas before processing. Or for avocado lovers, mix cilantro, garlic, chopped onion, juiced lime and chopped tomatoes into your dip bowl.

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