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Top Tips for a Healthy Easter from Silvina’s Nature

Health Easter treats Silvina's Nature Crowns

Easter has arrived, and for many of us, that means time away from work, piles of delicious baked goods, and the constant threat of chocolate everywhere we look. Just when you thought you had the holidays firmly behind you, Easter arrives to threaten all the balance you’ve carefully worked for. From chocolate eggs to feasts with the family, it’s easy to give into your cravings and dodge those healthy treats.

Fortunately, hunting for a healthy Easter might not be as difficult as it first seems. If you’re worried about gaining weight over this sweet bank holiday, then a little planning could save you a lot of trouble with calories.

1. Plan for the sweet treats

Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to be able to stop yourself from seeking out something sweet during Easter, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let your healthy eating plan fall off the rails. You could save calories in the morning by eating an ultra-healthy breakfast if you’re planning on splurging in the afternoon.

Alternatively, if you want to eat as many delicious healthy treats as you like without worrying about your weight, you could always stock up on some decadent meringue Crowns instead from your friends here at Silvina’s Nature! From wonderful springtime flavours like Lemon & Almond, and our brand-new Cinnamon & Cardamom, to Easter favourites like Cacao & Hazelnut – there’s something for everyone.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, just remember to focus on balance!

2. Go the healthy route this Easter

Instead of starting your morning with a breakfast of sugary hot-cross buns and sweets, try some Easter eggs instead. Not the chocolate ones – but the real deal. Hard-boiled eggs are packed full of amino acids and proteins that help you to feel fuller for longer. If hard-boiled isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always scrambled, soft-boiled, or even poached eggs with a side of avocado toast!

Read more about the health benefits of reducing your sugar intake.

If you’re planning on a Sunday lunch for Easter, then make sure that you fill up with plenty of delicious vegetables during the main meal. This will help to fill you up so you’re less likely to run to the chocolate when the egg hunt begins.

3. Stay active and enjoy spring!

Finally, Easter means that spring has officially sprung. That means that it’s a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the mild weather. While an Easter egg hunt might be a great way to keep the kids active, if you’re looking for a healthy activity, it might be a better idea to get everyone involved in some exercise instead.

For instance, try going for a bike ride to see what’s going on in your local town, or a walk around a nearby park. The fresh air and exercise will help to keep you on track with your health goals, even if you do fall victim to a few wayward chocolates alongside your healthy snacks.

4. Make the most of Easter!

Often, the best approach to Easter is to focus on spending fun bonding moments with your loved ones. After all, there’s more to any holiday than just the food. What’s more, remember that a holiday is only one day.

If you do fall off the wagon, that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel with the rest of your health goals. Pick yourself up without beating yourself up and get back on track.

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