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Healthy Snacks: Nuts about Nuts!

If you’re a fan of the delicious meringue Crowns we offer here at Silvina’s Nature, then there’s a good chance you’ve noticed a common trend on our ingredient list. Whether it’s our Lemon and Almond healthy treats, or our Peanut Butter Crowns, there’s a nutty theme going on in most of our flavours: we’ve tapped into the wonderful world of nuts to give you that amazing crunchy texture with every bite!

There are a few reasons why we love using nuts in our Crowns.

  • First, they’re a great source of protein – which is essential for losing weight and accessing slow-burn energy for those long days at the gym.
  • Secondly, nuts frequently contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for keeping the heart healthy and reducing bad cholesterol levels.
  • Finally, we just love nuts! They’re ideal for when you have those sweet and crunchy cravings and want something natural and satisfying.

Choosing the most nutritious nuts

As you may already know, at Silvina’s Nature, we’re dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to make our delicious Crowns. Not only do we use natural flavours to give you those amazing tongue-tingling tastes that we know you love, but we also work exclusively with unrefined organic cane sugar to keep any processing and excess chemicals to an absolute minimum.

When deciding which nuts we should use in our healthy snacks, we were incredibly careful to track down only the best options to mix with our free-range eggs as part of our secret Crowns recipes. Among the nuts we use are:


You’ll find the delightful taste of almond in our Lemon and Almond Crowns. Almonds are known for being excellent sources of Vitamin E, magnesium, protein, and fibre, perfect for lowering cholesterol levels, and reducing hunger!


In our Cacao Hazelnut Crowns, hazelnuts come with a range of benefits, including Vitamin E, and Vitamin B. These all help to improve our metabolism, and our hazelnuts are also a rich source of calcium, potassium, and magnesium.


Who doesn’t love the sweet and salty taste of peanut butter? Peanuts are just as popular as they are healthy, which is why we’ve used them in our premium healthy treats, Peanut Butter Crowns. Peanuts reduce the risk of heart disease, and they can help you to lose weight faster too!


Our handmade Coconut and Almond Crowns are made with a blend of wholesome almonds and pure coconut. Coconut is excellent for protecting against heart disease, and boosting levels of good cholesterol.

At Silvina’s Nature, we’re constantly improving our recipes to make sure that you’re not just getting the most delicious treats on the market, but the healthiest option to keep your sweet tooth satisfied too! You can rest assured that our nuts are from carefully selected suppliers and like every ingredient, they’re chosen both for their benefits, and their amazing flavour!


If you’re nuts about nuts too – why not give our delicious Crowns a try?

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