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Go Further with Silvina’s Nature Crowns & Earthmiles!

walking with earthmiles

Here’s some exciting news in the world of Silvina’s Nature, fresh out of the oven. We’re pretty excited to announce that this month we’re be featured as a reward in the Earthmiles app. We LOVE bringing our delicious healthy snacks to new people – and it’s even better when those people are active, health conscious people like us.

So whether you’re a Crowns veteran or an Earthmiles fanatic, here’s everything you need to know about this exciting match made in heaven.

Crownaholics – meet Earthmiles

Here at Silvina’s Nature, we’re no strangers to an active lifestyle. And we love technology and innovations that help encourage it – so it barely needs mentioning that we think Earthmiles is a fantastic idea. But what does it actually do?

If you’ve got an app on your phone that helps you track the exercise you’re doing, be it tracking your steps or the miles you run, you’ll be used to using technology to keep tabs on your healthy lifestyle. Well now you’ll be happy to discover that, with Earthmiles, you can use this information to earn rewards.

Whether it’s earning discounts on experiences, meals out or even wonderful healthy snacks like Silvina’s Nature Crowns, Earthmiles rewards your exercise with points so you can cash in on your hard work and dedication. The further you walk or run, the more points you earn!

Earthmilers – meet Silvina’s Nature Crowns

If you’re an Earthmiles veteran, maybe you’ve heard of our health snacks before. If not, then welcome to our world! Here at Silvina’s Nature, we’re big on delicious, luxury food that lets you indulge in your sweet tooth’s deepest desire without packing on the pounds or the guilt.

With great classic flavours such as Peanut Butter, Coconut & Almond and Lemon & Almond – we’ve got a whole range of delicious and exotic tastes to suit your fancy. And what’s more, they’re high in fibre and protein, and as little as 4 calories each. So you can have as many of these delicious bites as you like – completely guilt-free. And now you can even get a discount on them with the Earthmiles points that you’ve worked so hard to save up. It’s a win for everyone!

Buy healthy snacks with your Earthmiles

If you want to make the most of this fantastic opportunity to keep up with your fitness regime, then click here to download the app from the Earthmiles website, or from the Google Play store.

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