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Exercise Yourself Happy

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most effective when it comes to improving your happiness and wellbeing. Even if you can only spare a few hours a week from your hectic lifestyle, exercise is one of the most powerful ways to reach higher levels of happiness – and it’s free! While many of […]

How to Further Your Yoga Practice

Yoga London Katie Oriel

By Katie Oriel  Ever thought about giving yoga a try? Or perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut with your current practice and wondering how you can take things to the next level?  We’re delighted to publish this guest blog full of expert tips and advice from yogi extraordinaire, Katie Oriel.  Find out more […]

Top 6 UK Health Food Influencers

There are more people eating healthy food in the UK than ever before. Whether it’s to follow a trend, improve health, or protect the environment or animals through conscientious food choices, our cities have been fostering growing communities of health food fanatics for many years now. According to the Vegan Society, over half of UK […]

Artificial sweeteners vs natural sugars

Artificial and Natural Sugars

Have you ever wondered if artificial sweeteners are actually bad for you? Many of us already know that reducing our sugar intake is obviously a good decision considering the various health concerns related to a high sugar diet such as diabetes, but are artificial sugars the best solution to this problem? And what are the […]

A new member of the family – Cashew and Raspberry!

The time has finally come for a new flavour to join our growing selection of delicious meringue Crowns. It isn’t often that we feel a product is good enough to join the ranks of our most loved recipes – honestly, we’ve experimented with hundreds of different combinations – but we’re now extremely proud to introduce […]

Silvina’s guide for packing a healthy picnic

Silvina's guide to a halthy picnic

This summer, Brits are looking for any excuse to grab their meals and take them outside to be enjoyed in the sunny weather. Here are some useful tips for packing a healthy meal for your picnics. Embrace the Art of Swapping   There is no need to remove your favourite picnic classics without replacing them […]

Instapicks: The Best Small Foodie Producers in the UK

Here at Silvana’s Nature, we think small businesses are well-worth celebrating. After all, local businesses make up the heart of any economy. They’re our favourite places to visit in the UK high-street, and they also contribute something special back to the local community. In fact, research shows that the money we spend in local independent […]