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5 Reasons to Cut Down Your Sugar Intake TODAY

Let’s face it; we can all have a bit of a sweet tooth at times.

Unfortunately, sugar is one of the most harmful substances you can include in your diet. Not only does it come with no nutritional benefits or vitamins, but it can also open the door to a range of illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider switching sugary snacks for a healthy snack option instead and why we took such care to create our Crowns with only the minimum levels of sugar to ensure they’re a genuinely low calorie, reduced sugar option.

1.    Sugar harms your cholesterol levels

Most of the fat you create in your liver gets shipped around the body in the form of low-density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol. Studies have shown that sugar enhances the amount of bad cholesterol in your system, leaving you open to problems like heart disease, heart attacks, or even strokes.

2.    Sugar causes insulin resistance

Insulin is the substance responsible for controlling the amount of glucose that makes its way into your muscles and tissue cells. The more sugar you eat, the more resistant your body becomes to insulin because it’s forced to secrete increasingly more in order to maintain that right blood sugar balance.

If your body can’t recognise insulin, then it can’t use this substance to remove excess sugar and fat from your blood, meaning you’re more likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes.

3.    Sugar causes ‘fatty liver’ syndrome

When you eat fructose, a kind of sugar, it gets processed in your liver. If the levels of glycogen in your liver are low, for instance after exercise, then the sugar will replenish your stores.

Most of the time, however, people consume fructose when the body doesn’t need it. This means that the excess fructose in your liver simply turns into fat. Eventually, the fat deposits build up and can lead to fatty liver disease.

4.    Sugar is addictive

When you eat sugar, it releases dopamine into your brain, giving you a brief feeling of pleasure. That’s great for the short-term, but eventually, it means you become addicted to sugar, and keep eating unhealthy snacks just to get that high. If you continue eating sugar for too long, you may find it difficult (or near impossible) to quit.

5.    Sugar makes you hungrier

Sugar creates a resistance to a substance called leptin in the body – the hormone that’s secreted by your fat cells to tell your brain you’re full. The more sugar you consume, the harder it is for your mind to determine that your body doesn’t need any more fuel. This means that you continue eating more and gaining more weight. There’s a reason why it’s so difficult to eat sweets and lose fat at the same time.

Find that sweet balance with healthy snacks

Cutting down your sugar intake doesn’t mean telling yourself that you can never have any sweet foods.

Even if you promise yourself you’re going cut down on the cakes and biscuits, there’s a strong chance you’ll find your mouth watering whenever you see a vending machine or walk past a bakery. That’s why we don’t believe in cutting the sweet things out of your life.

The key to success isn’t restricting yourself, it’s about finding the right balance and redirecting your cravings towards healthy alternatives to chocolate bars and sweets, like a handful of Crowns!


Find your own favourite flavour of Crowns today, or find out more about how to stick to your healthy New Year’s resolutions as the months tick by right here!


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