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Instagram Picks: Top Teas to Enjoy with Your Crowns

Silvina's Nature Crowns Tea

There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea when you’re looking for something delicious and comforting to soothe your soul. Not only has tea earned a reputation for being the key to health and happiness in the East for thousands of years, but it’s also the ideal accompaniment to our delicious meringue Crowns!

Studies have shown that your morning brew could help to fight back against cancer, reduce your risk of heart disease, minimise cholesterol, and even improve weight loss! On top of that, your daily mug is a great way to make sure you start the day on the right foot.

We think spending a relaxing moment with healthy snacks like Crowns and a cuppa is the ideal way to relax. We’ve indulged ourselves – and we hope you along with us – and delved into Instagram to find some great tea inspiration – perfect for adding something new to your tea routine.

A touch of zest with ginger tea

This delicious video from “UnconventionalBaker” instantly left the Silvina’s Nature team with our mouths watering. The golden colours of ginger tea and the warm zing would be just perfect alongside our Lemon & Almond Crowns.

Why not try creating your very own lemon, turmeric and ginger tea from scratch? You’ll have everything you need for a golden afternoon!

Photo: @unconventionalbaker

Classic tastes with lemon balm tea

A post shared by Juni lim (@juni_lim) on

This delightful snap of a cup of lemon tea from Juni Lim has us hankering for a holiday. There’s something incredibly refreshing about that tall glass that’s sure to make you thirsty. Lemon balm tea has a delightfully light and lemony flavour that’s the perfect accompaniment to, yup, you guessed it, our Lemon & Almond Crowns!

Photo: @Juni_Lim

Pretty in pink with hibiscus tea

How charming is this fantastic snap of a glass of refreshing hibiscus tea? The image is light and refreshing, just like the brew itself. If you’re looking for something cool to chase away the heat of a summer day, then you just can’t beat Hibiscus for its bold colours and tart flavour.

Photo: @Chewswellness

Go green with matcha tea

A post shared by Alyssa Rimmer (@simplyquinoa) on

You can literally see the goodness in this incredible picture of Matcha latte – OK, OK, we know it’s a ‘latte’ not ‘tea’ but let us off with this on because it’s too tasty! It’swarming and full of goodness and we don’t know about you but this picture makes us crave an afternoon spent snuggled up with loved ones. Remember, Matcha has LOADS of anti-oxidants in it too, so it could be the perfect addition to your new wellness plan.

Photo: @SimplyQuinoa

Think fresh with peppermint tea

Finally, this natural shot of powerful peppermint tea against a soft green background is sure to inspire dreams about the countryside. We can just imagine sitting with our feet up and looking out over the fields as we enjoy a sip of delicious, refreshing tea, and a few bites of crunchy, low-calorie healthy snacks from Silvina’s Nature. What could be more perfect?

Photo: @Maggiesfarmproducts


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