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Monthly Archives: November 2017

4 Top Tips to Stick to Your Health Goals this Christmas

Christmas is probably the hardest time of the year to stick to healthy snacks and avoid temptation. Mince pies, turkey, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding – the list of irresistible food goes on forever. How is a health-conscious individual ever supposed to keep on track with all this temptation? If you’re going to stick to your […]

Silvina’s Ingredients: Healthy Treats with Unrefined Cane Sugar

Healthy treats unrefined sugar

Looking for a sweat treat without the guilt? At Silvina’s Nature, we believe everyone deserves healthy treats that offer a little indulgence from time to time without the need to beat ourselves up afterwards. That’s why we designed our delicious meringue Crowns with the goal of bringing balance back to your daily diet. Our healthy […]

The Truth about Diet Rules

healthy treats and diet rules

These days, there are so many conflicting rules and guidelines in dieting, that the path to healthy eating feels more like a failed board game than a strategy for well-being. Is it even possible to enjoy healthy treats anymore? Some experts tell us that we should space our meals out throughout the day to keep […]