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Monthly Archives: August 2017

The Creation of Silvina’s Nature Crowns

It’s practically impossible to enjoy your food these days, and stay healthy at the same time. From fast food joints that seem to be always around when you’re craving something “quick”, to delightful bakery items that soothe us when we’re feeling down, there are plenty of temptations out there that can quickly lead us all […]

Silvina’s Ingredients: Only the Best British Chocolate

dark chocolate

At Silvina’s Nature, we created Crowns as a way to bring balance back to food and we love what we do. Every delightful Crown, whether it’s chocolate brownie flavour, or lemon meringue, is handmade right here in London, using the best all-natural ingredients. We want to make sure that Silvina’s Nature Crowns are giving you the […]

Enjoy Crowns as Part of your August Pink Parcel!

pink parcel silvinas nature

This month we’re thrilled to announce that Silvina’s Nature Crowns are included in the August Pink Parcel box! Pink Parcel are an amazing company that deliver a box of period essentials and beauty treats to your door to coincide with ‘that time of month’. We’ve already signed up and can confirm they’re one of the […]