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I advocate healthy eating, I cook healthy balanced meals, I buy some healthy snacks and desserts, I avoid products with nasties on their labels, I eat plenty of fruits and veggies. All very good you may think, but stick with me and I will tell you why I am not deliciously-Ella perfect. I have a confession to make. When I have a sweet attack I don’t tend to overindulge in healthy snacks and desserts, I crave for (more than a couple of) French macaroons. If I have a slice of lemon meringue pie in front of me I don’t have the problem of disliking the meringue bit or the lemon custard or the base. I love every part of it! I crave for mille-feuille from my local patisserie, I dream of Eton Mess in summer and sometimes I feel like a nice chocolate cookie with my cup of tea. When I’m at a dinner party and people decline a second slice of a chocolate cake because it’s ‘very rich’, or they are too full to try the mouth -watering three layer pistachio cake, I think to myself, I wish I had their problem!! I want to try them ALL!

My second confession is that I am not lucky enough to be able to eat my way around every baker’s stall in London markets and stay slim (as much as I wish that was the case). I run and swim a hell of a lot, but like most of us I still have to watch what I eat because I’m conscious of a scientific fact- that one puts on weight by eating more than what one burns. One has to pick her battles and I struggle to fight against calls for a sweet treat. In my experience telling  yourself ‘use your willpower and don’t eat anything sweet!’ is utterly useless and doomed to failure. Here’s my advice –  simply control what you can. And understand that your brain can be constantly trying to sabotage you. Many of the choices we make to indulge ourselves are made in the subconscious part of our brains, trying to use ‘willpower’ to overcome the subconscious is fruitless. If I feel totally deprived of the things I like I may win my fight against the subconscious for a little while but I usually find that I cannot keep it up for long and a result of this, when I eventually give in, I have a double portion of what is perceived as the’ forbidden’ food. I learned that the best way for me to have a healthy relationship with food and sustain a balanced diet it is to key to reduce my sugar intake but not to cut out sugar altogether.

One day, while I was baking lemon meringue pie, I thought to myself, why are the most delicious snacks and desserts that normal sweet-toothed people like me love packed with calories and sugar? I could not find healthy snacks and desserts that were truly indulgent. And with all this in mind, piping bag in hand, my sweet-toothed self set out to create ( after 18 months and several failed attempts! ) an innovative reduced -sugar and low calorie indulgent treat I could enjoy ( and finish a full pack) without feeling guilty. If your palate is like mine that cannot be easily tricked with a raw ball or a baked apple, welcome to the Crown club! Indulge yourself, finish your full pack of Crowns and do not feel guilty!

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