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Silvina’s Ingredients: Healthy Treats with Unrefined Cane Sugar

Healthy treats unrefined sugar

Looking for a sweat treat without the guilt? At Silvina’s Nature, we believe everyone deserves healthy treats that offer a little indulgence from time to time without the need to beat ourselves up afterwards.
That’s why we designed our delicious meringue Crowns with the goal of bringing balance back to your daily diet. Our healthy treats are made with only the very best all-natural ingredients and today we want to shine a light on why we use organic, unrefined cane sugar.

Quality first: What are the benefits of organic unrefined cane sugar?

We all have cravings for something sweet from time to time. That’s why we created our healthy snacks as a way of satisfying your hunger, without worrying about adding any extra pounds on your hips.
Using free range egg whites, roasted and ground nuts and unrefined sugar, we’ve created a lighter, more health-conscious meringue cookie, reducing many of the health issues that come with refined sugars and fructose syrups.

Refined white table sugar might taste good, but it’s got little more to it than calories and sucrose, as well as a handful of trace chemicals that end up in every batch due to the refining process. At Silvina’s Nature, we’ve ditched that pure white sugar, in favour of an ingredient that offers more nutrition and more flavour: organic unrefined cane sugar.

Unrefined organic sugar offers the same great flavour as its refined alternative (in fact it tastes better if you ask us), but it’s free from all the chemicals and pesticides used in the growing process, and it undergoes far more minimal processing, leaving more of its nutritional value intact.

Better ingredients means better flavour in your healthy treats

Of course health is high up our list of priorities, but health doesn’t get a look in if the taste isn’t right. Flavour was an equally important motivator in our decision to choose organic unrefined cane sugar, over its refined counterpart. Compared to basic white sugar, unrefined sugar offers a more full-bodied, dynamic taste, because it retains the nutrients that refined sugar loses during the preparation process.

At Silvina’s Nature we believe that every ingredient in our delightful healthy treats should bring something to the table. While there are always other options available, we choose our ingredients based on flavour, nutritional value, and quality.

We’re overcoming the obstacles to give you a new take on treats – one that’s big on flavour and low on guilt.


If that sounds good to you, why not give Crowns a try?

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