Enjoy Crowns as Part of your August Pink Parcel!

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This month we’re thrilled to announce that Silvina’s Nature Crowns are included in the August Pink Parcel box!

Pink Parcel are an amazing company that deliver a box of period essentials and beauty treats to your door to coincide with ‘that time of month’. We’ve already signed up and can confirm they’re one of the best subscription boxes out there and August is one of the best month’s ever with the inclusion of Raspberry and White Chocolate Crowns – but then we would say that wouldn’t we?

Coming in at less than 40 calories per box, your Silvina’s Nature Raspberry and White Chocolate Crowns taster pack features as part of the ‘something sweet’ section of the Pink Parcel. We recommend enjoying them while you sip on your Kusmi Tea BB Detox tea, which will also be included in August’s box of treats.

The mouth-watering combination of all-natural raspberry flavour and indulgent white chocolate, mean these healthy snacks will leave you smiling (no matter the time of the month).

Sweet indulgence when you need it most

At Silvina’s Nature, we know just how hard it can be to ignore the temptations of sweet treats when it’s that time of the month. That’s why we’re so thrilled to include our meringue cookies in this month’s Pink Parcel. All Silvina’s Nature Crowns are made with our top-secret recipe, complete with free-range egg whites, and a little raw sugar for a light, mouth-watering taste.

We’re all about bringing balance back to healthy eating. That’s why Silvina’s Nature healthy treats aren’t about denying yourself the things you crave, but enjoying a sweet treat when you fancy it.

Whether you’re looking for something to pick up your mood when you’re feeling low, or you simply want something to satisfy your sweet tooth, these yummy meringue Crowns should be just the thing to perk you up in August.

Check out the rest of August’s pink parcel

If you don’t want to know what to expect in your August Pink Parcel package then look away now!

Of course, a batch of Silvina’s Nature White Chocolate & Raspberry Crowns aren’t the only thing you should be looking forward to when it comes to getting a period pick-me-up this month. We’re excited to debut our snacks alongside a range of other incredible treats, including the Vitamasque Kiwi and Orange Mask for bright revitalised skin, and some Nails Inc gel-effect polish.

Pink Parcel deliver the most indulgent and mood-boosting range of products and snacks to women every month. They offer everything from recovery gel that helps to banish those unwanted breakouts, to rehydration drinks that will help you feel better when Aunt Flow comes to visit. Make sure you sign up for your pack this month for all your period essentials and some pretty special treats – including your Silvina’s Nature Raspberry & White Chocolate Crowns!

Not subscribed to Pink Parcel but want to get your hands on some of our Raspberry and White Chocolate Crowns now? You can buy some for yourself here.

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