The Creation of Silvina’s Nature Crowns

It’s practically impossible to enjoy your food these days, and stay healthy at the same time. From fast food joints that seem to be always around when you’re craving something “quick”, to delightful bakery items that soothe us when we’re feeling down, there are plenty of temptations out there that can quickly lead us all down the path to unhealthy living.

My name is Silvina, and I haven’t always been the happy, healthy person you see today. But it was my journey through a difficult relationship with food that prompted me to bring Silvina’s Nature to life. Here, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the brand and the inspiration that made Crowns a reality.

Time to make a change

I’m going to share something with you that I’m not proud of. I used to be unhappy with my weight. Honestly, it’s hard for me to see how it happened. One minute I was fine, the next I was dreading every moment spent in front of the mirror.

Today’s food has a habit of creeping up on you. You don’t realise how much fat and sugar you’re putting into your body until it’s already too late. I tried dieting, tried exercise – I jumped on every weight loss fad I could think of – but nothing seemed to work.

Fortunately, something stopped me from throwing in the towel. One day, I was bustling around in my kitchen, preparing to bake something fresh and chocolate-covered, and I realised that all I really needed to do was find some balance in my life.

I didn’t have to give up my favourite treats to be healthy, I just needed to find a way to walk the line and satisfy my sweet tooth without the need for excess. That’s where the invention of Crowns began.

Finding the balance

Once I realised that balance was the key to maintaining a healthy weight, the pounds started dropping off. I didn’t have to starve myself, and I didn’t end up with huge cravings that left me binging on sweet treats – because I gave myself a little of whatever I wanted that day.

The knowledge that I had gained, and my deep love of baking, lead me on a quest to find a way of sharing my discovery with other people. After all, I believe that everyone who struggles with their weight should be able to avoid the “self-punishment” stage of counting calories, restrictive dieting, and painful meal schedules.

Crowns were my solution for bringing balance back to the dessert menu. Essentially, they’re a form of meringue that is incredibly low in calories, made with a reduced sugar recipe. They use only natural ingredients and yes, you can eat an entire box and you still won’t be binging on more than 100 calories.

They’re designed to let you treat yourself with a healthy dessert or snack that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Finally, with crowns, I had discovered my unique way to transform a love of baking into a business that could give something back.

There’s no need for fad diets, no need to starve yourself, or give up on the things you love. I use the highest quality chocolate, the most delicious natural ingredients, and a few tasty tricks to create treats that are perfect for people, just like me, who want to live a more balanced lifestyle.


If you’re looking to bring the balance back to your treats, take a look at the full range of Silvina’s Nature Crowns flavours here. 

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